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PyCO2SYS is a Python toolbox for solving the marine carbonate system and calculating related seawater properties. Its core is a Python implementation of CO2SYS for MATLAB1.


Install from the Python Package Index:

pip install PyCO2SYS

Update an existing installation:

pip install PyCO2SYS --upgrade --no-cache-dir

Basic use

The import convention for PyCO2SYS will be:

import PyCO2SYS as pyco2

However, the modules and functions contained within are not yet fully documented. We therefore recommend that you just do it like in MATLAB for now:

Do it like in MATLAB

If you are familiar with CO2SYS for MATLAB and wish to use PyCO2SYS in exactly the same way, with extra optional inputs for total ammonia and sulfide:

from PyCO2SYS import CO2SYS
    NH3=0.0, H2S=0.0)

The output CO2dict is a dict containing all the calculated variables as NumPy arrays. Its keys are named following the HEADERS output from the original MATLAB program. See Calculate everything! for all the details about the inputs and outputs.


Suitable for anyone

You can see some working examples of PyCO2SYS in action on Github at PyCO2SYS-examples. You can run all of the notebooks there live in your browser via Binder, without installing anything on your computer.

Adding your notebooks showcasing PyCO2SYS to PyCO2SYS-examples is welcomed!

For Python users

There are also Python scripts containing examples of using PyCO2SYS on Github in examples and in validate. The code in the latter directory was used to generate the tables and figures discussed here in the validation section (aka: should you trust PyCO2SYS?).


PyCO2SYS is maintained primarily by Dr Matthew Humphreys of NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research/Utrecht University with support from the main developers of all previous versions of CO2SYS.


If you use PyCO2SYS in your work, please cite it as:

PyCO2SYS citation

Humphreys, M. P., Gregor, L., Pierrot, D., van Heuven, S. M. A. C., Lewis, E. R., and Wallace, D. W. R. (2020). PyCO2SYS: marine carbonate system calculations in Python. Version 1.4.2. Zenodo. doi:10.5281/zenodo.3744275.

The DOI refers to all versions of PyCO2SYS. Please update the version number if necessary. You can find the current version that you are using in Python with:

import PyCO2SYS as pyco2

As per the instructions in the the CO2SYS-MATLAB repo, you should also cite the original work by Lewis and Wallace (1998).

Additionally, for the MATLAB programs:


The original CO2SYS program for DOS was created by Ernie Lewis and Doug Wallace (LW98). This was translated into MATLAB by Denis Pierrot and subsequently optimised by Steven van Heuven (HPR11). Jim Orr and co-authors added further sets of equilibrium constants and implemented error propagation in a separate program (OEDG18). The latest MATLAB version was translated into Python as PyCO2SYS by Matthew Humphreys, benefitting enormously from all this previous work. Further (ongoing) modifications and additions to PyCO2SYS have been made by Matthew Humphreys and Luke Gregor (HGP20).


PyCO2SYS is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).


Suggestions for new features, bug reports and contributions to PyCO2SYS are very welcome. Please follow the contributing guidelines.

To add a notebook to PyCO2SYS-examples, please follow the contributing guidelines of that repo.

  1. For CO2SYS for MATLAB refer to LW98, HPR11 and OEDG18